Top Ideas for Research Paper Subjects

A say goes that the toughest part in writing a paper is in starting it. The first part of any written piece is its title. A good and captivating subject always sets the tone for the whole document. But subject or title selection can take time and hamper your work. So are you at this point of confusion and indecision in writing your research paper?

Best Research Paper Subject Ideas

Writing a research paper requires a research topic. Coming up with a research subject from scratch can be tough, and therefore reference to a pre-assembled list can help. That is besides other avenues such as consulting instructors, course materials, news headlines, and published research. Here is a list of possible research paper subjects.

  • Placebo’s role in the treatment
  • The place of the futile therapy on life-sustenance
  • Ways to evade animal testing
  • The cons and pros of medicinal marijuana
  • Does cow milk have health benefits?
  • Is a vegetarian lifestyle useful for a kid’s health?
  • Obesity effects on our health
  • Importance and adverse effects of vaccines on kids
  • Is it proper to directly advertise prescription drugs to consumers?
  • Do doctors transition patients into drug addiction?
  • How can standardized tests improve education?
  • Do university graduates make extra cash?
  • Should the cost of education be economical?
  • The role modern technologies will play in the future of teaching?
  • The establishment of special learning approaches for blind kids
  • School and social networking
  • Metal sensors at schools
  • Contemporary teaching approaches and their effects
  • Technology and its role in planning lessons
  • How to handle bullies and the action plan in tackling bullying in schools?
  • Ways of limiting global warming
  • Paper wastage mechanisms in saving trees?
  • Is it possible to manage overpopulation?
  • Can the government lower the drinking age?
  • Importance of enacting extra laws on gun control
  • Ways the global community can thwart Iran’s efforts in developing a nuclear arsenal?
  • Ways of Stopping ethnic killings
  • Existing peace prospect between Palestinians and Israel
  • The world outlook in the absence of wars
  • How to prevent a workforce’s decline?
  • Should the punishment of death be permissible?
  • Is socialism probable?
  • Is the production of more environmental movies necessary?
  • Impacts of humans on forests
  • Concealed earthquake effects
  • Is it possible to predict the impacts of hurricanes?
  • The safety of nuclear power to humans
  • Dangers of GMO food?
  • Is social networking good for society?
  • Do video games with violent content provoke cruelty and anger in kids?
  • Is it essential to prohibit the use of beasts for entertainment?
  • Do beauty competitions set unassailable beauty standards?
  • Will online information sources replace newspapers?
  • How consolation from gaming impact the youth?
  • Is it right to permit ladies to contest against men?
  • Types of television programs that the government should bar?
  • The role of TV shows in imposing bogus moral standards
  • Can the self-esteem of teens lower through the use of social media?
  • How to predict and profile behavioral patterns?
  • Ways to manage kid violence?
  • Ways of dealing with a psychological breakdown?
  • The classical music’s impact on how the brain functions
  • Ways that insomnia impacts our health
  • Influence of nightmares on our mood?
  • Is anxiety harmful?
  • How depression affects immunity
  • Use of light in treating cancer among other diseases
  • Is there any prevailing evidence of water and life on Mars?
  • Can the human life cycle extend with Nano-medicine?
  • Artificial intelligence and computing potential?
  • Cryogenics and the impending role it might play
  • Can substitute energy effectively substitute fossil fuel?
  • The benefits of wild animal interactions with people
  • Impact of self-driving vehicles on the lives of people


Checking out the catalog of possible research paper subjects will ease your writing process. Research the choice subject carefully to write a proper research paper.


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