The Writing Process Of An Analytical Research Paper

Research paper assignments come in different shapes and sizes. There are several variations of its types ranging from argumentative to analytical research papers. To help you get the gist of it, we have compiled a foolproof guide for writing an analytical research paper. This includes exhaustive writing guidelines and helpful techniques that you can employ in your writing process immediately for quick results. Afterward, you can feel free to check out our samples of well-researched analytical papers in the archive section for inspirational purposes.

Understanding what an analytical research paper is

An analytical research paper is a type of academic research report that focuses on analyzing varied points of view. Please don’t get me wrong. Even though your topic is arguable and debatable, you don’t necessarily have to choose a side in this type of assignment.

An analytical research paper is often confused with the argumentative types of assignments. But since all we have to do is to show supportive evidence based on an analyzed output, we don’t have to debate the topic much.

However, this type of research papers often makes the backbone of most argumentative research papers. The facts analyzed and reiterated in these copies act as supportive pieces of evidence for other research works. In short, analytical research papers provide the scientific community with the right framework for future research efforts.

Main features of an analytical research paper

  • Informative and authoritative – given that these papers are aimed at an analytical bit of research, the use of good sources of information is critical in looking at your findings from varying perspectives. However, we suggest that you only stick to authoritative sources and don’t fall into the temptation of using personal blogs and unverified websites but rather target to use resources from renowned publications.
  • Proper formatting – the overall outlook of your paper greatly depends on the desired formatting style. There are several formatting styles for you to use. Therefore, seek clarification on the most preferred style from your instructor beforehand. These styles dictate the structure and specific outline that your paper has to follow. Conform to these guidelines and you will be guaranteed of extra credit.
  • Mind grabbing topic – since you will be producing a research paper meant to be consumed by the public, your topic has to be geared towards snatching the attention of your readers. You should, therefore, aim to use acute and interesting titles for your analytical papers henceforth.
  • Logical flow – anything analytical doesn’t usually appeal to the general masses. However, to get special attention from your targeted audience, you need to ensure that your paper is structured well and that your thought process is easy to follow.
  • Critically interpret sources – unlike argumentative research papers, you won’t be agreeing and disagreeing with previously done research findings. Instead, you will be analyzing them to make informed and unbiased conclusions. To do so, you will need a clear mind to make realistic judgments.

Writing an analytical research paper doesn’t have to be very challenging. All you have to do is to pay attention to detail, use reliable sources, structure your work accordingly, and focus on analyzing findings rather than debating about them.


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